Q. Is Milk Fat Extracted From Dairy Milk [Parag Milk] ? A. Milk fat is not being extracted from the milk. In Dairies milk is being standardized to different categories as per the requirements. Heart patients need low fat milk where as under weight people need high fat milk. Toned or standard Milk are good for tea and Coffee. Hence to meet the aforesaid requirement, Dairy has to standardize milk in to Skimmed Milk {Fat Nil}, Double Tonned Milk [Fat 1.5%], Toned Milk (Fat 3.0%) Standard Milk {Fat 4.5%} & full cream milk [Fat 6.0%].

Q. Does Dairy Milk Contains Milk Powder ? A. As per Prevention of Food Adulteration Act {PFA}, Milk has to meet the prescribed norms of Fat & SNF {Solid Not Fat}. Milk contains Milk Fat and Solid not Fat which includes Milk Protein, Lactose. Minerals etc. In rainy & winter seasons, because of the availability of green fodder and lactation cycle of Milch animal, milk production increases & in this season milk meets the quality norms prescribed by PFA where as in summer season, there is scarcity of Milk and Milk products does not meet the quality norms, especially SNF. The excess of milk produced in winter season is converted into good quality White Butter & Milk Powder & these commodities are again recombined in summer season to produce milk. Milk Powder is being added to milk to increase the SNF % as per norms.

Q. Is Dairy Milk an Artificial Milk ? A. No, Dairy Milk is not artificial Milk. It is natural Milk & free from all types of adulterants/preservatives.Under well known Anand pattern system, milk is being collected from village based milk producers through Dairy Co-operative Societies two times a day under hygienic conditions. It is thoroughly checked before processing, pasteurised & packed in food grade polyethylene under ultraviolet radiation, which minimizes the further contamination. During its processing & packing, milk is not being touched by hand.

Q. When Ghee Can Be Made Easily From Gwala Milk Then Why We Prefer Dairy Milk [ Parag ] ? A. The milk generally supplied by Gwala is mixed with water which lowers the fat and SNF % of milk. Ghee can be made from Gwala milk but Gwala milk can not generally provides other important nutrients e.g. Milk protein, Lactose, Minerals etc as the milk is already having low SNF and after addition of water SNF will again go down.

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  • Parag products are sold through Milk Parlours in Major cities. Most retail outlets also keep Parag ghee and Butter, and Parag Milk Booths keep indigenous products like Dahi, Mattha, chhachh, Laddu, Peda, Paneer etc.,

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